Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Block me

My professor told us how his wife is always pointing out Architects in a crowd and perhaps some of you have witnessed me do exactly what his wife was talking about. She said she can always tell who the Architects are because when they walk into a room the first place they look is up, and then proceed to ensure the place is built correctly by observing every detail, and then make sure all codes, regulations, and safety matters are addressed. Usually if they aren't we will begin to point them out. Well on Saturday, I had one of those moments, as I always do and decided to take a picture to show you all exactly what I'm talking about.
I needed to go run some errands and decided to stop off at the Target nearest to my parents house, as I was already in the neighborhood. So, as I'm walking from my car to the store I come across one of the biggest safety issues, and sources of a guaranteed lawsuit win each year. To the average person, clearly I was the only person who saw this, actually the girl pushing the shopping carts continued to just stack them up. Now, yeah, you may be thinking it petty, but if you were the one on the other side of the door during a fire, and that was the only exit.... Wouldn't be so funny would it?
So after I snapped a picture, and nearly informed the manager, I decided to post it on my blog. Aren't you glad someone thinks of life safety, and as usual everyone else ignores it until a disaster strikes. Then guess who is the first person blamed for the occupants idiocracy. ME! the Architect.
On a more positive note, I came up with a great thesis sketch (a conceptual model, collage, diagram....etc.) Im going to be building it in the next few days so look out for that one in future posts. Im excited and hope it works out. As for what my thesis is, well let me try and explain it.
My thesis idea is to essentially produce sustainable energy within San Diego from recapturing wind, solar, and kinetic energy expelled on or near the freeway from technology developed by students and Professors at UCSD, thus designing a Technology and Research center acting as a central distribution Hub for San Diego's future of centralized energy production.

Studio is looking a little more 'Alive'

The idea will me massaged and altered as time continues and essentially brought to a more concentric topic. Right now it is in its infancy, however within the next few weeks it will be a well established topic. Im super excited for this year and have been very pleased with the level of guidance received from my professor and fellow classmates. Well, Im off to go write my thesis essay for the second time. Repetition creates results, so its off to throw another set of ideas out into the universe to see where it takes me this time.

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  1. whenever there's something being built, john likes to point out "those are some nice gusset plates" and that sort of thing.
    I think most people just go about life not paying attention to what's around them so they aren't going to notice stuff like the carts blocking the fire exit