Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Theoretical Mayhem

Order or Chaos

Today we started off Studio with a lecture from Chuck, who is an outside source that the instructors have brought in for the year. Chuck did not receive his degree in architecture, nor is he connected to the field in the way that we would typically see critics in an architectural setting. The whole point of bringing him into our program is to be a source to challenge our designs. Today was the first opportunity to view the experience Chuck could bring us. He spent around an hour presenting the ways in which he learned about California through a very theoretical standpoint. To say he is smart, would probably be an understatement. He has is own methodology and way of interpreting things that, to be honest I had never preconceived. His presentation of how he explored Los Angeles, alone transported me into a whirl wind of creative thought. He showed us an example of how he would shadow people and the way they commute in Los Angeles, documenting them via video. He showed one particular example of how the subject wanted to go to Ralphs Grocery store. It took 6 mins in the car to go from point A to point B. Then to fully understand the reason for the dependence on the car he took all of the time it took to get from point A to point B and then transcribed that into where he could end up utilizing the same start point but instead of driving for 6 mins, he would then walk for 6 mins and then transpose that place to see where it would take him. Inevitably it resulted in a large theoretical mindset of Los Angeles and the Sprawl that has occurred there.

The Calm Before the Storm
It was confusing at first to follow, but then after asking a question and starting the group discussion I realized where he was coming from and somehow it all made sense. I questioned why he was doing what he did and if someone was commissioning him to do such experimentation? On top of opening up an insight into architecture and the driving force behind what we do as designers, emerged a brief 'ah-ha' moment in the which I discovered what the architecture profession and thesis year are all about. I am not simply trying to discover how I can influence the future through innovative design, but rath
er, grasping this thesis year and implementing a change that can do more than occupy my time, instead initiate a conversational piece and change the way in which things are seen, even if only through my own eyes.
Prof. Len
After the deep, thought provoking presentation it was time to find out who our instructor was going to be for the rest of the year. I immediately felt like a child on Christ
mas day. I was nervous, excited, and a little scared all at the same time. After hearing my two friends names called to two separate groups I knew that I had landed the thesis year with my number one choice for professors. I was excited to hear that I was placed with Len Zegarski for my professor and am super excited for the opportunity to work with him. We met with our instructor and our newly formed smaller group for the rest of the evening where we shared life backgrounds and stories to get the opportunity to form group unity and camaraderie , as we will be each others peer reviewers for the rest of the year. It was an exciting night.

It seems like a great start for this year. However, I know that this is probably the calm before the storm, but none the less I am super excited to be working with a great group of peers who offer so much culture, insight, and background to push me forward in my pursuit and passion for architecture.

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